About VoKAL

What is VoKAL?

VoKAL (Voice-out Kidney Alliance) is a nationwide kidney support group initiated by the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia. It serves as an official platform for patients, caregivers, donors, service providers, and healthcare professionals to voice their concerns and opinions on kidney-related issues

The Objective

VoKAL acts as an advocacy and advisory arm that, amplifies the voices through support, advocacy initiatives, and activities that translate into research, legislation, and regulatory impact to enhance kidney care in Malaysia It aims to address the needs by providing an opportunity to make formal recommendations to the government and policymakers on critical issues including awareness, diagnostic tools, and access to affordable kidney disease treatments and cures.

The Approach

Kidney health policy

Engage with patients, patient advocates, caregivers, service providers, healthcare professionals, media, non-government organisations, private stakeholders, and the government to better understand common challenges, explore solutions and make formal recommendations to improve policies related to kidney health.

Kidney patient support

Provide education to patients, caregivers and family, identify and address patients’ needs, and provide assistance in referring patients to related parties for social and financial support.


Educate the wider public on kidney disease, prevention and latest updates on treatment

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